Wedding Themes – Some Really Fun, Original, And Wacky Ones

Published: 18th April 2011
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There comes a time in your life when you want to settle down with someone whom you would wish to spend the rest of your life with. Then, you would begin thinking about having a wedding and you would want to have all formal arrangements to send out invites. You want to have your friends and those close to you come share food, drink, merriness, joy and everything for the day with you. Your wish is obviously to have the best time possible and to enjoy every single moment of your life.
There are a few things and questions that you would need to ask yourself to help you arrange things. You would wish to understand why always the bride wears a white gown in formal weddings and why the groom should be in a suit? Generally, this has been the trend but it does not mean that you also have to go this way. You can choose to be wild and to have something different. You may want to make a statement or just have some fun on your great day because after this day, things are going to be more serious than you can imagine. It is your chance and so you need to be keen on the theme that you select for your once in a lifetime event. Consider the 5 themes below:
1. Theme of doctors and nurses
Probably, during your childhood days, you had the doctor and nurse game and maybe you liked it. Then, this is the theme for you. You can have the bride’s gown white and include a hat and the groom can be in a long white coat. This is fun as well. You can make it more fun when you have the officer ask the groom to take the bride’s blood pressure instead of saying you may now kiss the bride. You can be sure you will have the whole crowd laughing.
2. Water cooler theme
Depending on where you met your spouse, you could device an appropriate theme. Maybe if you met at the office, this water cooler theme would just do. You would have a venue where you have a vending machine and some water cooler and then the machine is used to dispense the rings. You would be surprised how this would excite your guests.
3. Winter sleepover theme
If you wish to have a small, intimate wedding, then this is the right theme for you. It would involve you, your spouse to be, the guests and the official witnesses dressing up in some thermal gear. This could be wooly socks or anything that spells winter and then they could also flop around on mattresses and blankets. It would be fun as you can already imagine.
4. X Files theme
This is another great theme for you when you would want to have the finally get married thing in your wedding. But, you must take care of dressing as in you have to be as Scully and Mulder.
5. Who wants to be a Millionaire theme
Yes, you can also choose this theme when you want something that really puts you on top. You would need glittering lights, celebrant dresses and maybe mirrorball and have your guests sit in a circle and then you exchange your vows.
It is all about being wild in your thoughts. There are so many themes that you can think about and they would all help you have that original, unique, fun and memorable wedding that you have ever thought of. You can be sure of having a blast when you plan well.

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